Monday, October 14, 2013

More Festival Photos

 This was one of the best festivals we have attended.  This is how the sauerkraut hut was decorated.

 And here is the seating area where you could eat your wurst with kraut, sauerkraut soup or stuffed cabbage. They turned 7 tons of cabbage into sauerkraut and said they would sell out before the end of the weekend.  I bought 10 quarts and will show you tomorrow what I did with it.

 This building was all about steam.

 The old schoolhouse open to inspect.

 The millhouse.

 These steam valves were tooting away.

 This couple was boiling wool.

 There were lots of craft booths.

 Pick the animal you would like to wear on your head.

 A whole section of the festival was about cutting lumber. They were selling boards which they had just cut for 1.00 each.

 Look at how sharp this blade is.  Click for a closer look.

And check out the detail on this engine.  These people have lots of pride in what they do.  Lots more to see tomorrow.