Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Way We Were

 I am extremely photo phobic.  I mostly always have been.  I think it's from having a dead family.  Looking back is deeply painful to me.  I've never been good at organizing photos either.  The ones I have are mostly stuck in cookbooks and drawers.  This morning I was rooting through a kitchen drawer and found these.  Baby Teddy!  Even at this age she looks like a badass.

 Oh and this chow chow butt and tail.  So cute!

 This is a pic of our family with baby Freddy, our first chow. The Blog Tech looks like someone put a bowl on his head to get that haircut.  And yes, I am wearing one of those goofy Halloween sweaters. 

And this is a real blast from the past!  This is my daughter and Jaromir Jagr's (hockey player) dad in front of his house in Kladno, Czech republic.