Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here Comes Fall

 The absolute first sign of Fall in my gardens is my Oakleaf Hydrangeas turning from white to pink.  How did they know to change on the first day of summer?

 They turn from white to pink and then to brown by the end of August.

 The planters are all filling in even though I have to water them at least twice a day in this heat.

 The other hydrangeas are growing out of control.  I have never seen them bloom this much or this big.

 They are the size of Teddy's head and that is BIG!

 The mums continue to bloom.

 Even after the slug attack, the flowers are thriving.

 It's too hot to sit outside.  Teddy and I make strategic hits outdoors.  We fly out there and get what we need to get done and then run back into the fans and A/C.

 Why are my tomatoes refusing to turn red.  I have tons of huge tomatoes but they all remain green.

 Grow plants grow.

 Teddy smiles as she waits for me to finish watering.

 The colored buckets hold my compost tea.  And yes, I have a Jack O Lantern sitting by my sink.  I was sorting through boxes and came across this and figured....what the hell?  It my garden I can do what I want!