Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Back Garden

 We finally got some rain which was very much needed except for this.

 Be careful when you buy raised planters, they apparently are not made as well as you might think.  There go all of my lettuces, radishes and edamame.

 I think I just started getting my gardens ready for future grandchildren.  How cute is this.  The toadstool door can only be opened by wee fairies. Click for a closer look.  It's the perfect place to sip chamomile tea and eat toasted mushroom sandwiches.

These potato bags are great.  There is a little window in the back which you open to harvest potatoes as they grow and you don't disturb the plants.

 My tomatoes are growing like crazy but my peppers are still small.

 The dogwoods are blooming.

The pool is open.

 Most of the perennials are blooming.

I finally got around to pulling all the ivy off of my woodburning oven and now it is time to paint the steel doors.

 Another perennial bed.

These two match each other but they don't bloom at quite the same time.  It's almost Summer!