Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Front Garden

 Teddy is always happy to sit in her front garden.

 She likes it when I work out here.  This area only gets a bit of early morning sun and the brick path stays cool.  Time to plant the planters.

 We have been having horribly hot weather.  Not a drop of rain in sight.  My mondo grass is suffering.These tree peonies already bloomed.

Hostas, ferns and ladies mantle.

The tall green thing behind the boxwoods is a Japanese lilac.  It has more buds than ever before.  The aroma will be overwhelming when it blooms.  I will take pics and post them.  We transplanted this from the back garden years ago and it took a long time for it to bloom again.  I guess it has finally established itself.

The rhododendrons are blooming along the side path.

The Weeping Hemlocks are looking great.

More tree peonies.

Ladies Mantel spreads like crazy.

The majestic sycamores.

A quiet place to sit and relax.