Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aroma Sanctum and a New Giveaway

The winner of the Stonewall Kitchen basket is: Chris (Yalco) Send me your info Chris and I will ship it right out to you!

This week's giveaway is for two vials of perfume from one of my favorite Salem stores, Aroma Sanctum.

This wonderful store is owned by Akuura Kulak who has been designing perfumes since 1980. I am very sensitive to regular perfumes. I hate the chemical smell emitted by them. They quite literally make me sick. When I found Aroma Sanctum I knew I was in luck.

Click for a closer look. Akuura will work with you to create your own personal scent. Or you can select from the oils or the blends she has created.

She can also recreate your favorite perfume without using alcohol or chemicals of any kind.

These oils are highly concentrated and a 1/4 oz. bottle will last a year or more with daily use.

I buy a assortment of different scents and mix them together myself.

I often mix a patchouli, musk and October Moon together. I turn the bottle over on my wrist and just allow the oil to touch it and the scent is very longlasting. You don't even need to use a whole drop.

Akuura keeps your custom mix on file so you can reorder whenever you need more.

She will also make your custom scent into soap, bath gel or body mist. These are also offered in all the scents she stocks.

If you are allergic to regular perfumes chances are you will tolerate these oils much better.

If you are ever in Salem you really should stop by the store and try out some of the oils.

But you can also order online at:

You will be glad you did. There is really nothing quite like it anywhere else.

These are some of the oils I bought this year. Witchfire is a new one for me and I have worn it every day since I got it.

Make sure to enter this week's giveaway to win two of these lovelies for yourself. Or maybe win them for your girlfriend, wife or mother.

This giveaway includes two vials of oil; China Musk and October Moon.

Also included is this black leather pouch with a skull to keep your oils in. And a Belgium lace sachet which will hold a cotton ball scented with the oil for perfuming your lingerie drawer.

I purchased these myself and did not receive anything from Aroma Sanctum to showcase their store. The value of this giveaway is over 50.00.

To enter just leave a comment on this post. If you are not a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway listed at that time.