Thursday, January 10, 2013

Soup On a Cold Rainy Day

A few days ago I made 45 quarts of cauliflower soup with small pasta shells for the homeless shelter.  I put lots of fresh vegetables in it because they usually only get canned soup.

Yesterday was a cold, damp, bone chilling day.  And this is said by someone who rarely gets cold.  I got up really early and made a bunch of loves of french bread.

I look like this quite often these days.  Check out my war wound on the base of my thumb.  The wonky thumb is still not back to normal after the carnage of almost cutting it off last year.  I think it is about as good as it will ever be.  It works pretty well.

Ready to rise.

Fresh from the oven.

I made a huge pot of sauerkraut soup and took it along with the bread to the shelter.  There was a line of freezing men all the way down the block when I arrived.  When they saw me coming they were comes the chicken and dumpling lady.  I've been called a lot of things in my life but this was a first!  I guess I will have to make more C&D soon.