Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More Sugar Shacking

 The Blog Tech and I headed out early on Sunday to another sugaring off festival.  Click any of the photos for a closer look.  I was glad to pass this guy and leave him behind! I was betting this was an accurate description.

 The lakes are still frozen.

 In this section of the state, all of the sugar shacks were on dirt roads.

 We left huge dust clouds behind us.

 The shacks were way out in the woods.

 Finally we spotted the signature smoke stack.

 What a cute little place.

 They had some syrup boiling in a cauldron over a fire.

 Great chicken coop but no chickens.

 This guy proudly brought a mouse over to us, you can see it's tail hanging out of his mouth.

 These are the tanks they fill up when they collect the sap.

 The shack is fired up.  They only had 100 gallons to boil on Sunday because the temps had dropped so low that all the sap froze.

 They made this sign out of twigs.

This was the main barn where they were selling their products.  We bought syrup, maple peanut butter and maple cotton candy.
They also showed this technique for sugaring off.  You could take one of these maple buckets and tap a tree if you wanted but it was way to cold for us so we passed.  More tomorrow!