Saturday, May 28, 2016

What's Blooming?

As the sun came up this morning I was out front checking to see what is blooming.  I figured there must be a lot flowering right now because my porches and patio are covered in pollen.  Teddy and I both have bad allergies.
 The flowers are gone from my tree peonies and the little crowns are forming.  When these split open and show their berries, Fall is on the way!

I took a peak through the snake knot gate.                                                                                                                                     
All the rhododendrons are in bloom.
 This one is about 20 feet high.

 My Japanese lilac is blooming.  You can see the humidity in this photo.

 These roses popped up from the roots of an old rose on my arbor.  The ones on the arbor are 'New Dawn' so I am not sure what these are.

 I planted this clematis to train it on the arch over the gate.

I have this one growing on the other side entwined with roses.  These are covered in buds and will be putting on quite a show shortly.
These 'ladies mantels' have been planted here for about 15 years and suddenly became gigantic.  I am guessing it is time to divide them?  It's a jungle out there!