Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

 Thank God I started celebrating on July 5th because this day came around way too fast for me.

 My ghost cake.

 I don't know when I have ever enjoyed Fall as much as I have this year.

 I made myself do something Fall-like every single day. And I really enjoyed the changes in my gardens.

 I went to as many farm markets as I could find. 

 I've driven down countless country roads and soaked in the beautiful colors.

 I've opened all my windows and doors to let in the wonderful Fall smells.

 Dead and decaying is such a wonderful aroma.

 The leaves are almost all down now.

 There is much beauty to be found in winter's bleakness and I am going to enjoy it too.

 You were wonderful Fall while you lasted.

I am going to sit in my chair and enjoy the rest of it.