Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Perfect Polish Paska for Easter

I don't know what it is about Easter, but it sure brings out the Polish in me.  There is so much Polish food that I want to make and so little time.  I think it stems from the fact that I live amongst so many Eastern European descendants.
At this time of year, every church kitchen in the city is bustling with perogie and halushki makers. If you haven't placed your order by now, you are out of luck and better know how to make your own.

You can watch little old men and women walking out of bakeries carrying boxes tied up with string to hold them all together. The boxes are piled as high as the people carrying them. They are filled with paska, kolachki, paczki and cruellers. A sign that the lenten fast about to end.

I am having so much fun sharing these traditions with the kids at the community center.  They have never heard of any of these foods but I have built up food trust with them and they will now eat anything I send to them.

I made 6 of these paskas for them the other day.

They loved them, especially the frosted parts, just like kids everywhere!

Today I am baking them a ham and making my potato rolls.

They will have them for dinner tomorrow with more of their favorite maple baked beans.

You can find the paska recipe here: