Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I Bought at the Fair

 First I have to show you these.  Remember the pumpkin cheese snacks I showed you that I bought at Targets?  Look how cute they are when you stuff them with guacamole? A perfect Fall appetizer.

 I bought this cute pumpkin dish at the fair.

 And one of the two-sided pumpkin plaques.

 This is a big heavy piece.

 I got some of these pumpkin garden stakes.

 And this wonderful utensil holder.

 It has sunflowers and bittersweet trim.

 I hung the big plaque on my door for now, just under my hanging bat.

 Teddy guarding the mums.

 I got this sign too.  Only 43 more days.

 Someone was a bit sleepy early this morning.

 I got this rustic pumpkin sign.

 Which sort of fit in with the group.

 My little mums are filling in nicely.

 Teddy is totally annoyed that I am taking her photo.

 I put the utensil holder on my desk to hold my pens.

So, I didn't buy much, just a few things I couldn't pass up.