Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More of the Wedding

 I am posting tonight because I have a few minutes to do so.  One more dinner to make and then I'll have more time. The bride and groom arrive!

Could you just die?  This precious flower girl spend an entire day with adults she didn't know and had the time of her life.  Once her hair and makeup were done, she sat transfixed and watched all the girls get theirs done.  She said she had the best day ever. Her mom dropped her lunch off and she was like...thanks mom but I'm busy.

My beautiful daughter who was the best man/woman.

My handsome, proud nephew next to his beautiful wife.
And no wonder they were so happy and proud....look at their son, one of the ring bearers. OMG this kid!
And his side kick, the other ring bearer, that made us all want to have another little kid.
This is out of order and I just can't change it.  They were still setting up when we all arrived for photos.  The flower girl and the bride are the best of friends. Check out those flower girl shoes!  The bride meticulously picked out everything for this wedding including the flower girl dresses.  She did good!
The two flower girls.  These two had way too much fun all night. Their parents couldn't have been happier.
 Back to my daughter. She got Loubies for the wedding and was thrilled with them but changed into flip flops as soon as the ceremony was done.  We all did.  Heels look great but  they hurt!

 The Oberlin guys cleanup great!

 Another of the 'groomsmen' was The Blog Techs best female friend way on the left. 

Waiting for the bride.  More when I get another minute or two!

The Wedding

This is a quick post to let you know it finally happened.  It was a weekend that no one will ever forget.  There were dinners, baseball games, trolley rides, incline rides, brunches and more dinners and they aren't over yet.  I have one more dinner to make before I maybe can take a day off.  I have hundreds of photos to sort through and organize but I eventually will show you more.  BTW...lots of cookies were eaten and bags of candy consumed.  The wedding was flawless except for when The Blog Tech attempted to place the ring on the bride's wrong finger.  A momentary brain cloud which I yelled out to correct.  I think his father yelled it at the same time.  They were wed by the colorful and wonderful local mayor which some of you might recognize.  He always dresses like this!  I think these two might need a couple of days to rest and relax though we have a road trip on Friday.  The Blog Tech has to be back to work soon so they will honeymoon in Bali.  I have lots of cooking to get done right now but I'll post much more as soon as I can.  Ten months of hard work and planning sure paid off.