Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When I went to bed last night it was lightly snowing and they were calling for 2 inches.

How can they get these predictions so wrong?

These are my patio chairs and table. It sure looks like a foot of snow to me.

Look at the stone table. That is at least a foot of snow.

It almost looks like what we had this time last year.

And look who is not happy about more snow.

We have a snow melt system which we did not bother to turn on since we were only getting 2 inches. Because of the fluid in the system, certain areas melt even when the system is turned off. You can see Teddy taking advantage of the dry areas.

She follows them all around the driveway and patio.

Too bad the path to her back yard is not on the system.

She just stands there staring at the snow with her little bean working overtime trying to figure out how to go to the back without stepping on yucky snow.

And look what we spotted when we looked towards the back. One of my twin junipers toppled over due to the weight of the snow. I was worried that the trunk had cracked but thankfully the ball had just pulled out of the ground. These junipers have been there for 12 years. I was able to stand it back up and it should survive.

Teddy finally gave up on avoiding the snow and ventured back to see what was blocking her path to the back gate.

Hmmmm....what does she do now? Most dogs would just go underneath the toppled tree. Chows are much too cautious for this.

So, she decides to look for another way around.

Even my wind chimes had several inches of snow on them.

And look closely just to the left of the cistern. A certain chow chow has met a dead end.

Check out the rocking chair on my back porch.

Just a couple days ago it was 63 degrees and we were cleaning this porch. Winter is not close to being over yet!