Friday, January 30, 2015

My Special Sandwich

The naan I showed yesterday can be eaten many ways but this is the way I like to eat it.  I don't like big meaty sandwiches.  I actually prefer vegetarian ones and naan is the perfect bread to use when making them.
 I begin by spreading some cheese spread on the naan.  I used a feta spread but you can use anything you like.

 I added butter lettuce from last weeks farm share box and a bit of arugula.

 Then some thinly sliced Leyden cheese which gives this sandwich a wonderful flavor.

 I added some shaved watermelon radish, also from my CSA and some shaved onion.  I grated some Robusto Uniekaas cheese on it too.  Use your favorite cheese. If you aren't a cheese adventurer, use cheddar.

 I sprinkled a bit of balsamic vinaigrette over it.

 Then I added pea shoots.

 Roll it tightly.

 It's a very fresh and tasty sandwich.  This one sandwich lasted me three days.