Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Am Officially On Halloween Countdown

I am hot and I have a migraine and I am officially counting down to Fall. I need something to get me through this endless summer.

Teddy is recovering nicely from her skin problems. She has allergies and now takes Benadryl.

So, no more biting her paws. She feels so much better.

This is one of my lame little herb gardens. However, I am not seeing many stink bugs so maybe it is working!

The raised beds are coming down too. The remnants look like very large graves. Maybe they will be part of my Halloween decorations!

I am not sure how I will repair the lawn. I am guessing that eventually the mazus will fill in the dirt areas.

Almost time to decorate the potting table for Fall.

Teddy will be happy for the cool weather to return as well.

This is the look I get when she wants to go swimming in the pond. She is asking me to open the gate for her.

I can't wait for the Japanese maples to change color.

The pods have formed on my tree peonies and when they begin to open, I will know that Fall is here.

We have had such unseasonably hot weather that it seems like summer has been here for months.

Sorry to rush some of you but I can't wait for shorter days and cooler weather! My head feels a little better now!