Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And Then The Rain Came

It was a nice warm spring morning early today and Teddy was sitting under her umbrella.

Suddenly, the skies opened and huge quarter sized drops of rain began to fall.  Teddy tried to find her way into the house without walking in the wet spots.

She glanced at her bunny with the fleeting thought of saving him.

Then she decided, every man for himself, and she ran for it.  The whole 3 feet.  Chow chows sure hate to get their feet wet.

My flower beds are waking up.

I wish I could remember what I planted last year!

The Fall Flowering Cherry is at it's peak.

The Oakleaf Hydraneas are opening.

My neighbor cut out roots in his yard which killed the entire middle of my Silver Maple.  Grrrrrr.....

And never fear....I ran out in the rain and rescued Bunny!