Monday, September 21, 2015

The Project

 I have so many peppers I have run out of ways to use them.  One can only use so much pepper jelly.  I am now dehydrating them.

 And look at this new bundt pan I got.

 It's made of glass.

And the cake did not stick to it!

Anyway....the house project continues. I think it's the 3rd month, I've lost track. 

There is scaffolding everywhere.  But look above the window.  Before and after....what a difference.

As soon as the workers leave each day we go outside and try to get a few things done.  I finally planted some mums.

Teddy soaks in the outdoors since she is locked in the house all day.

As I was inspecting the work the other day I found this....a gutted staircase and no one even told me!  I threw the chairs and quilts in place to block it off as soon as I found it.  Teddy uses these stairs all the time and I was afraid she would get hurt. Who removes a whole set of stairs and doesn't mention it? They did tie up that orange electrical cord.  Jeez!

My security grates are finally painted.
I finished painting my mini me house.  Right now it's looking a lot better than the real one.