Monday, November 5, 2012

The Blog Tech's Cottage

 I bought The Blog Tech a house of his own.  He has been living in one of our houses but it was time for him to have his own place.  Let me put this nicely, he and I differ in decorating styles.  He does none and I like things to be perfect.  This sometimes leads to a bit of tension! So, now he has his own place to do with as he wishes.

 This place is almost maintenance free.  There is no grass to cut and it is planted with perennials.  Believe me, I have been looking for a place for him for years.  This is the best place I came across and it is in move-in condition. Cute little front porch with a tree for privacy and a statue.

 A bird house and a yard bell.

 A porch swing and awnings for privacy.

 The living room has parquet floors and the original fireplace.  And the prerequisite Ikea tables.

 Each room has a chandelier.  I helped out by hanging drapes.  BTW, Ikea has the cheapest drapes!

 The dining room.

 A balcony off of the dining room.

 The DR also has the original fireplace and a small closet.

 Balcony on the left and the stairway to the upstairs straight ahead.

 A very nice sized kitchen with hardwood floors.

 The kitchen is actually on the lower lever like a Tidewater home. Who knows why it was built like this? 

 Another view of the kitchen leading out to the back.

 And how cute is this?  A courtyard surrounded by brick walls with lanterns on each corner.  The wall is bowing a bit on one side and will need to be reset at some point.

 It also has a bench and a statue.

 Back view of the house.

 And a nice brick porch.

 A good sized laundry room too.

 The bathroom is great.  It is also on the lower level.  A quirky house for sure but great for The Blog Tech.

 He keeps hitting his head on this chandelier so it will have to be replaced.

 The door to the bathroom is in the laundry area.

 There are small cabinets and cupboards tucked in everywhere utilizing every square inch.

 A cupboard for his glasses.

 The stairs to the top floor.

 The front bedroom.

 And the back bedroom.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. It is the last one I will give of this place.  Once he moves in I doubt that I will be visiting very often!  That is, unless something breaks!

This house is just 2 blocks from our home.  I am hoping to learn it's story from neighbors.  A 94 year old woman moved from here recently.  She raised 7 children in this house.  How???  Her husband was a brick layer so that is the explanation for the courtyard. It is easy to see she took great pride in her home.  This is the third house I have bought from woman in their 90's who have lived most of their lives in them.  They are the best homes I have ever owned.