Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Walk Through the Woods

 Teddy and I have been making this trip a lot lately.  We walk through the woods to the guest/stone house which from now on will only be referred to as the Stone House.

 Every time someone "guests" here, I get to do the cleanup work.  I don't like running a B&B so now it will just be our stone house in the woods!  We actually use it a lot.  After years and years of nonstop traveling, it's nice to just walk through the woods and have a getaway to go to.  I don't even have to pack up the car!

 Oh no!  Teddy is peeing on my strawberry plants.

 Our main garden is down by the stone house. There is a wonderful, cool porch to sit on down here to get out of the sun.

 And it is down the back of the mountain so it is a good hike getting back up.

Teddy likes to lay just inside the door and listen to the pond.  I am setting this up for our big Thanksgiving celebration and I will post more pics when it is ready.