Friday, April 29, 2011

Just When You Thought You Had Escaped The Royal Hoopla

Did I tell you that I am the Royal photographer? I guess I forgot. I've been pretty busy lately.

Whatcha lookin'@ Harry. You are next. Anyone thinking James Hewitt here?

I know it is sad to lose your baby, mama....but you just acquired the whole Royal Family. A fair trade.

I mean this is a fun loving group.

And you know what hot fun these two are.

Ahhh...sweet girl. You had the chance to run.

Kate, make sure not to be seen socializing with bad boy Spencer. The Queen would not approve. The only thing worse you could do is hang out with Fergie.

If I were you Kate, I would have flickered like a candle in the wind and hit the yellow brick road.

Your brother looks overjoyed too.

He can't wait to party with these two after the ceremony.

Now, I for one, would pick this dude to party with.

He is the Royal bad ass.

Unlike his auntie. (I thought that country comedian Minnie Pearl had died. Who knew she just disappeared into the Royal Family?)

Oh well, the deed is done.

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Is this the top of the wedding cake?

If anyone can change that family, you are the girl to do it Kate!

And whomever you are little girl, be scared, be very scared!