Monday, July 6, 2015

A Farmers Market

 On Saturday we visited a nice farmers market.

 I get so excited to see what local offerings we will find.

 We always try to arrive at opening time which means leaving very early in the morning.

 This little guy was working at one of the booths.

 Lots of these markets sell crafts too.  Here you can see woven rugs,shawls and scarves.  They sell their own wool too.

 This guy is having better luck with his zucchini than I am.  I have only harvested one so far.

 The people at these markets are always so friendly and are happy to tell you all about their products.

 I bought lots of these potatoes and I will show you what I made with them tomorrow.

 Great display of these greens.

We stocked up on food for the week.
 More and more grass fed beef and free range chicken is available at all of these markets. 
 We always head home through the country.  You never know what you might find for sale at roadside stands.