Monday, May 13, 2013

The Witches Gardens

 Here is Gulliver...oh, I mean Teddy keeping an eye on one of the new witches gardens. 
 This witch does not scare me mama.

 Can I eat her if she moves.  I hear she is a bad witch.

 Small witch.....large puppy.

 Click for a closer look.

 This is Broomhilde....she is the wicked sister of......

 Esmerelda.  Esmerelda lives at the opposite end of the lane.

 She is a good witch.

 They are both gardeners but Broomhilde's garden grows mostly weeds.  Mean witches grow bad gardens.

 Esmerelda tells her she should change her attitude but Broomhilde is very stubborn.

Esmerelda just added a trellis to the side of her cottage and is going to grow climbing roses on it. 

I will keep you posted on the witches and what they are up to.  That is if my lawn guys don't blow them away!