Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Still Hot Outside

We were supposed to get cooler and though the temps are down a bit, the humidity is way up and it is miserable outside.  This planter should be cascading by now and it has not grown much at all.  I water twice a day for over an hour each time and things are still dying.  We have not had more than a sprinkle in months.

I dragged out my old froggy fountain and am going to clean it up and get it running.  Any sound of running water is appreciated around here.

I now have a fan blowing on Teddy but she still is not happy.  Hot air is hot air.

About the only good thing with this heat is that it dries my clothes really fast.

My vegetables are struggling in their pots in this heat.

I am getting some tomatoes though.

The first of my big eggplants is still very small.

I have gotten several of the long narrow Ichiban ones.

This is as big as my peppers are so far.

I only get a few cherry tomatoes each day.

These are my pour little okra plants.  Shouldn't they be 6 feet tall by now?

These are peppers growing with lemongrass.

Most of my mums have bloomed.  Will they bloom again in the Fall?

The Oakleaf Hydranges are almost brown at least a month ahead of time.

This planter is the only thing that is doing well and I am sure it is because it is in shade for a lot of the day though it is filled with sun lovers.  That puppy back there is wilting in the heat too.

Teddy is in this position for about an hour each morning and then sleeps inside for the rest of the day.  She is basically hibernating!