Friday, April 22, 2016

Playing in the Woods

 Hey Teddy, do you want to go and get a drink?
Teddy always wants to get a drink.
Don't slip, it's a long way to the bottom.

 When I was a little girl, I loved playing in the woods.  We would come home from school, throw our books on the floor and head out to play in the woods.  In the summer, my friends and I would fill up our old WWII canteens with water, pack a lunch and spend the whole day there playing until it turned dark. I always felt safe in the woods.Years ago I had the chance to buy some property behind me and I decided to recreate those woods in my own back yard. ( You can see the ferns and hostas popping up).

 We played in the creek in that woods a lot and would sit in an old dish pan to ride over the little falls.  So, I added a creek and falls too.

 When it rained, we picked Mayflowers and held them over our heads like umbrellas.  This year I was pleased to see that the Mayflowers I planted have started to spread.

When I started building my forest, there was not one tree or plant of any sort.  I had the big trees planted by experts but my husband and I planted every single thing that grows here now.  The Blog Tech and I love the Eastern Red Buds we see growing all over the mountains on our trips so last year we bought one and planted it on my husband's birthday.
 We always had fun finding Jack in the Pulpits when we were playing.  We liked making Jack preach.  Mine are just pushing up through the leaves right now.

 Columbines growing among the daffodils and the ever present dandelions.

 I don't think riding down this in a dish pan would work very well now.

 My dad would take us berry picking and my mom would bake blackberry pies.  I have blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries and currants growing.

 Each Spring my grandfather would make rhubarb sauce to eat on his toast.  My rhubarb is coming up next to my horseradish.

 My dad would take me to visit his parent's grave sight and on the way we would pass a place that had the most wonderful phlox for sale.  He would always stop and buy some to add to our garden.  I have phlox planted all over my woods and it is blooming right now.  The high winds of a few weeks ago blew my potting shed door off so it is in the shop being repaired.

 We also had a garden filled with apple trees and grapes.  My grapes are leafing out and my apples are blooming.

Something I did not have as a child were ramps but I now have a couple patches growing in my woods.

 Each year I add a few plants to fill in bare spots or replace plants that have died.

Am I seeming a bit nostalgic the last few days?  I am indeed.  I think it's because the after school kids had projects away from the program this week so I haven't had to cook.  Having and extra 6-7 hours a day gives me time to think about things.  I'll be back to not thinking next week!