Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sandwiches and a Bit of Bling

My daughter is home for the weekend which means she will have friends at her house....hungry friends. I make all kinds of food for them but I really like having an assortment of sandwiches so they can grab them and go.

First I made roast beef sandwiches. I love using full grain mustard. I spread some on rye bread.

I bought horseradish cheddar cheese which goes so well with the roast beef.

Pile it high with the thinly shaved beef.

Top it with some Swiss cheese.

I tell the kids to warm them just before eating to bring out the flavor.

I also made Buffalo chicken sandwiches. This time I used a Russian whole grain mustard which is slightly sweet.

I spread on some of my oven roasted tomatoes.

I layered some roasted sliced chicken, Buffalo cheddar cheese and ham. These will be grilled before serving.

Sorry for the blur but it is really hard taking one handed photos of your left hand. I decided my injured paw needed some bling to make it feel better. Plus, Monday is my 60th birthday. I am officially old. So some bling was definitely in order. This ring is by one of my favorite designers, Stephen Webster. He designed a line called The 7 Deadly Sins. It is fabulous! Click here to see the collection:

This is called the 'thorn claw ring' from his Thorn Collection. It is a faceted clear rhinestone held in place by black enamel and diamond claws. Look at my swollen fingers! I will have to get this sized down when the swelling goes away.

Nice huh?

My hand might be bent this way for a while even when the brace comes off!

Slightly better photo! Happy birthday me!!!!!