Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tree Cutting

The tree farm was a little sparse this year.

Here come the trees cutters. You can just bet they are talking sports.

The Blog Tech cuts a small one for my bedroom! Big boy, small tree!

And the conehead finds a pumpkin. She inspected it closely. You can see the rotten pumpkin on the side of the cone.

Well, it used to be a good pumpkin mama!

I finally find the tree I want and take it down the hill to be bound.

Trees on the car. I used to put up 8-10 trees when the kids were still living at home. This year I am only doing one large one and one small one since I still have so much cooking and baking to do. I think I will heavily decorate my front porch though!

Here comes the lumber jack with the big tree.

Who knew The Blog Tech was a tree hugger?

A big strong tree hugger!

All of the greens just waiting to be used.

And the poor little puppy. She broke her cone and now it is duct taped. It has dents and scratches all over it too.

Hoping the cone comes off on Monday!