Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Party

The girls had fun!  I got so busy at the beginning of the party that I forgot to take photos of everything and everyone.  No matter how organized I am, when everyone arrives all order goes right out the window.

I never remembered the camera until it was just Braedon and her friends left standing.

Being the oldies that my friends are, they left much earlier than these party girls.
Though they all managed to get quite potted and one even fell into a table and broke a bowl.
This younger group paces themselves much better!

I managed to stay up until almost midnight which was a record breaker for me.

Remnants of the ghost cake.

Girl posers.

Come on are a blur!

Smile for the camera girls!

I guess I was a bit fuzzy at this point because as hard as I tried, I only got a blurry pic of this gorgeous engagement ring that Tracy gave Angie...take my word for is breathtaking!

Andrea approves.

I can't wait to do this again.  I'm thinking New Year's Eve???