Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Walk in the Lower Gardens

I am back.  Bev is home surrounded by friends, wrapped in some scarves I knitted and her pups are sleeping on top of her.  I miss her like crazy but I am so happy she is where she wants to be right now. Life goes on.

Teddy and I went down to look at the lower gardens.  I have been so busy that I hadn't been down there in a while.  I was surprised to see how bare it is.

The creek beds are dry and filled with leaves.

The witch hat shows up much better now that the leaves have fallen.

Autumn flowering clematis still puts on a show even when the blooms are gone.

The ferns are still full of life.  We are having another very warm and dry Fall.

The ponds are low and the water is dark.  Perfect for Teddy to drink from.  Like a fine aged wine, Teddy prefers the murky winter water!

I love the way the Katsuras look without leaves.

The fish have not hibernated yet.

Here she comes.

Plowing through the fallen leaves.

Heading to the pond.

A little shaking first.

Then she drinks from the concentrated fish pond.  Yes Teddy, I am sharing your bad habits.

The Japanese Maples are some of the last trees to lose their leaves.

Time to head home.

It is a long climb for those little stocky legs.

But up she climbs.

Step by step, inch by inch.

Finally arriving at the upper garden.

And heading home for a nap!