Friday, December 3, 2010

The Advent House

I am really behind this year. The Advent house went up 3 days late. This has never happened before. This is a replica of the Advent house in the movie with Chevy Chase, 'Christmas Vacation'.

Each day my daughter opens a window when she comes to the house for breakfast.

Some deer are visiting the house this year.

On Christmas day the front doors are opened.

Here are the first 3 days of Advent. Click for a closer look.

This is what my gardens looked like this morning. The garland that I am going to use to decorate the bird cage is frozen to the potting table.

And here comes my trusted garden pal.

She loves the snow but wishes it would not make her paws wet.

She tries to tip toe with those big paws.

She has a very ambivalent relationship with snow.

She would prefer that it be dry.

And I always get this quizzical look as if she is asking why I did this to her. The snow is my fault. Sorry Teddy, mama loves snow. Suck it up and get on with it!