Monday, June 4, 2012

A Cookout and The Fountain

 This summer I am going to try to cook outside on my Big Green Egg as much as I can.  Anything to keep the kitchen a bit cool.  Plus, Teddy loves food cooked on the BGE.

 I made some tuna steaks lightly coated in olive oil.

 One steak was seasoned for us and the other two were left plain for the pup.

 I added some wet hickory chips to smoke the tuna.  The egg was heated to 250 degrees.

 They smoked for about 40 minutes.

 Teddy waited patiently.

 Next, I smoked some clams and corn.

 The clams took longer than I expected.  Next time I will stoke the egg up to 350 for the clams.  And, there will be lots of next times.  These were the best clams I've ever tasted.  They were juicy and plump with a light smokey flavor.  We enjoyed the food so much that I forgot to take photos of it before we ate it.  Teddy ate lots of clams.

 Though this fountain is pretty when it is up and running, it can be a maintenance nightmare.  Mostly because we should touch it up each year which we don't.  This year the entire fountain had to be scrubbed down with a wire brush, cleaned and repainted.

 When the bowls rust and the paint flakes, it plugs up the spray top and that causes problems.  I will show final photos when I am done with it.

 My cement fairy houses. 

 I will show you what I am going to do with them soon.

 Teddy is looking for the fairies.

 Guess what this is?

 My mums are blooming! In June!

 We came home last night to find that our upper garden was hit with a micro burst.

 It sucked the umbrellas out of their bases and blew them around the yard.  Fortunately, we suffered only minor damage.

 Two legged Teddy.  Funny photo.