Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Around My House

Color in my garden.     How can anyone not love this time of year?  Everything looks like a beautiful painting.              
 Teddy is constantly covered in leaves.  I have as many inside my house as I have outside.

 Flowers not yet killed by the frost.

 I picked another tiny pumpkin that was hidden under the leaves.

 Good thing the pool is closed.

 The locust has lost all of it's leaves.

 Teddy loves to drink from the cold ponds several times a day.

 My JOL is politically incorrect this year.  He is dressed in black face.

 Just when I thought I might see a light at the end of the house redo tunnel, they found more rotten wood.

 And they broke this new window in two places.  Back to the drawing board.

On a happier note, I finished making the Halloween treat bags.  What a job.  I made about 170 of them.
 My spider web window guard is painted.

My vintage owl nightlights are ready for Halloween.