Monday, October 18, 2010


We made it to Salem but have some technical difficulties. We are waiting to get our wifi connected and then I will be up and running! Meanwhile, I will show you some pics of Skaneateles. This is the entry to the old opera house.

All the store fronts are decorated for Fall.

The windows are filled with Halloween decorations.

An add for massage therapy. Weird!

Rubber cowboy boots.

Skaneateles Lake

Of course, Teddy had to take the plunge.

And a drink.

You can cruise the lake.

The gazebo is decorated for Fall.

The park looks gorgeous this time of year.

The restaurants are ready for the colder weather.

My favorite house is decorated for the season.

Lovely gardens.

Chestnut Cottage is also one of my favorites.

This was a millinery shop in the 1800's.

Teddy love this park.

You can tell by the wag of her tale.

Mansions along the lake.

All of the village houses are decorated.

Everyone rakes their leaves toward the street and the municipality vacuums them up.

A typical Skaneateles street.

This mansion overlooking the lake was donated to the Christian Brothers.

What a waste!

These large homes overlook the lake.

This looks a lot like my home except for different colors.

I am off to try to straighten my wifi out! Hopefully I will be up and running tomorrow.

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