Monday, May 16, 2011

A Summer Sandwich

This is a good sandwich to eat on a hot summer day.

Put a bar of cream cheese in a bowl and add some diced onions and chives. Mix this together thoroughly.

I used my homemade English muffins but you can use your favorite rolls or bread.

Thinly slice some cucumber rounds. Sprinkle them with sea salt.

Take another cheese spread, such as Boursin.

Spread one side of the muffin with Boursin and the other half with the cream cheese mixture.

Pat the cucumber dry and place a layer on one half of each muffin. Add some sliced peppers on the other half.

Plop a spoonful of pesto on one half and spread around.

Lay a piece of Monterrey Jack cheese on one half of each muffin.

Place a slice of cheddar on top of the Monterrey Jack. Spread the other half with some hummus.

Add some crunchy lettuce. This would be great with good tomatoes but I did not have any. This makes for a wonderful combination of flavors.