Friday, February 25, 2011

Thrift Store Day

Yesterday was my thrifting day. I don't think there will be much offered at the stores until the weather warms up and people do spring cleaning. But I was still able to find some fun stuff. This huge basket was $1.95.

I have a pile of baskets in my basement. I just can't pass them up especially when they are sturdy and dirt cheap! I use them to carry tools or plants in my gardens.

This rooster is rather large and is in perfect condition. He was $1.29 and will be on my potting bench this spring.

I love finding these little porcelain pots of flowers to use in my garden totems. This one was 99 cents.

My daughter is hosting a fundraiser where she works and has chosen a cherry blossom theme. I found these two plates with cherry blossoms for $1.29 for the pair. She can use them to serve appetizers.

This plate for $1.49 will be turned into a cake stand.

I am always looking for porcelain birds to use in the garden totems too. This one was 29 cents.

Another porcelain flower basket in perfect shape.

And a good deal. The weird pink hand was free.

I made this totem a few days ago. Click for a better look.

You can see how I use the porcelain birds and flowers.

And this was a great find for $5.95.

A very sturdy well made drop leaf table.

You can tell that it is old by the way the sliders are made. I'm not sure if I am going to sand this and stain it, leave it as it is or paint it. Decisions, Decisions!