Sunday, August 19, 2012


 We headed north yesterday to hit all of the farm markets.  I was hoping to buy lots of tomatoes to make more summer sauce and to find some sweet corn. I casually pulled into the first parking lot and immediately stopped in my tracks and jumped out of the car.

 I never expected to see this sight!  Pumpkins!!!  This is the earliest I have ever seen them.  I was so excited. And also sad that I couldn't share my find with Kary.  She would have been so happy.

 Teddy was happy that we found pumpkins.  They attract the squirrels each year which Teddy finds very appealing.

 I bought free range Amish eggs.

 And a great big roaster to make for Teddy.  That puppy girl sure likes her roasted chicken.

 This place has a wonderful butcher shop so I stocked up on their smoked bacon, garlic sausage rings and round roast which will be for Teddy too.

 I bought hot sausage, a rump roast and chuck steaks.

 Freshly ground meat, their homemade kielbasa and liver for Teddy.

 Meat sticks for The Blog Tech and Amish butter.

 They make their own meat sticks and they are wonderful.

 The we hopped around to small farm stands around the area.  Most of the farms have groaning boards of vegetables for sale at really reasonable prices.  All of the vegetables had just been picked since we were the first customers and arrived very early.

 Two gallons of freshly squeezed cherry cider.

 As I type my hands are red from pickling these guys.

 Jumbo green peppers.

  Amish made soup and halushki noodles.

 Blackstrap molasses and local buckwheat honey.  I love buckwheat anything.

 The first apples of the year which went straight to The Blog Tech.  That kid sure can eat apples!

 These will be made into pickles when I finish writing this post.

 These have already been made into jam.  Fresh berries disintegrate so quickly it makes you wonder what is in the ones you buy at the store.

And last but not least...THE PUMPKINS!!!  I only bought three since I know we are in for more hot weather which might do them in.  I can't wait to get more soon.  I will post what I did with my bounty over the next couple days.