Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Outdoor Sink

I repaired the shelves and finished the sink area.
The shelves are a lot sturdier than they originally were.
And yes, someone was hurt in the repairing of these shelves.  Don't ask me why someone would stick his hand right over the area where I was drilling.  After screaming and swearing, I told him he should be happy.....he got screwed.

The fun part is the decorating.  Click for a closer look.

You can see my small arborvitaes growing against the fence.  The old ones died and I am determined to block out this ugly fence so I planted these fast growing ones.

Now I just need to get the water turned on.  I use this sink a lot!
All of the daffodils are now blooming.

Teddy goes down to the lower pond for a drink.

She is trying to drink the fish.
More daffodils blooming between the Paper Bark Maples.

Haha..this is how the shelter now announces my food.  Click to enlarge.