Thursday, February 19, 2015

Slider Buns and Snow

 I've been tapped to cater another event next Sunday right after the big Saturday event for 200 and I am making sliders...lots of sliders.  So, yesterday I made slider buns to freeze.  Tray after tray of slider rolls.

 I only show you this because I figured out a really good way to make them that is actually much easier than forming each roll into a ball.  Just roll them out and use a 2 inch biscuit cutter! They turn out the perfect size and thickness for sliders.  I should have figured this out years ago.

 Our predicted dusting of snow turned out to be more like 4 fluffy inches. Click for a closer look.

 Teddy likes to eat fluffy snow.

 She roots it up with her nose.

 And then licks it off with her blue tongue.

 I couldn't get her to look straight into the camera.

 Though I whistled and barked and made every noise I could think of.

 I finally got a little peek.

Then right back for a another gulp.