Thursday, November 17, 2011

Greetings from New York City!

I am writing this in the lobby of a hotel in Times Square with my girlfriend Lara. It is 9 am; we have been awake since 2:45. It's a very strange set of circumstances. I am on vacation for my birthday, but I am awake at 9 am. Our room doesn't open until 3 pm and until then we get to roam around New York like zombies. I need a haircut.
When I get to the airport, I like to park at the very end of this corridor because I like people movers. Fun fact: this place has always smelled of gym socks ever since it opened. No one knows why.
Denied! No people movers! Trip ruined!
This is a photo of a very sleepy Lara taken while we were waiting for a bus from the airport to our hotel. We waited for twenty minutes and the bus finally drove past us at about 20 miles an hour. We decided to get a cab.
I took a photo of the bus waiting area at LaGuardia for some reason.
And here's another. Look at all the greens!
Here we are in the taxi. New York taxis now have TVs in them, which I happen to like quite a bit. The little TV told us that there is apparently a broadway musical version of The Addams Family which we may very well go to because it sounds awesome.
Here is Lara and New York City as seen through a dirty taxi cab window.
This is me on my last day of being 27. We are here specifically to see a modern classical ensemble that goes by the name of Manorexia. They just so happened to book a show right on my birthday, and here we are!
And here is the lobby of the hotel. I will write more in a few hours after we get checked into our room and take a much-needed siesta. Right now, I am going to get a hot dog! P.S.: I am going to try really hard to get on Good Morning America tomorrow morning. I am going to hold a sign thanking my mother for bringing me into this world. Not quite sure of the wording just yet; any suggestions? Right now I'm leaning towards "Thanks 4 Makin Meeeee!"

-Blog Tech