Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Country Market

We went to a wonderful country market on Saturday morning.  We will be hitting this place often.  It is up in the mountains and it was a crisp, sunny morning...48 degrees!  I found lots of different freshly picked berries.  Heaven.
 There were wonderful healthy flowers for sale.

 Pasture raised chickens were purchased for Teddy.  My puppy loves roasted chicken. They were passing out samples of their freshly made sausages.

 Greek food for sale.

 This was the find of the season.  This woman makes huge pierogies stuffed with all sorts of different fillings.  But the best ones she sells are lekvar filled, covered in onions and butter.  When I was a little girl, my dad would bring these home for us.  I have not had them in many many years.  Lekvar is a paste made from prunes.  This might sound yucky to you but believe me, they are fantastic.  Neither The Blog Tech or his dad had ever tasted these before and they gobbled them up.  They might be the best pierogies I have ever tasted; and I've tried a lot of pierogies in my lifetime.  It's the Polish in me.  I love pierogies.

 The first vegetables of the season were being sold.

 There were lots of crafts offered too.  This woman was selling her handmade rugs.

 Garden flower stakes made from thrift shop finds.

 Click any photo to enlarge.  This guy must grow his tomatoes in a hoop house.

 I thought this was so clever.  These guys were selling dayliles.  They placed each daylily out in a small vase with a number under it.  You pick the one you like and they match the number with the matching plant which they have in bins in the back.  This way, you know exactly what they will look like when they bloom.

 More flowers and plants.

 A vintage Jeep.

 This cute garden is right at the edge of the market.  They turned the fence posts into scarecrows and topped others with birdhouses.

 I bought the most scrumptious dill pickles I have ever tasted at this booth.  Dill pickles might be my favorite food.  When I was in grade school, I took dill pickle sandwiches to school every single day.  Just dill pickles on white bread...nothing else. I did this for so many years that my classmates got tired of teasing me about it and finally left me alone.  They just knew that dill pickles and I were inseparable. I just let my Polish freak flag fly.  Now I will have to try to duplicate this recipe.

 How I missed this vendor I do not know. I only saw this when I uploaded the  pics that The Blog Tech took.  I have been looking for one of these slate boards for a Fall project.  I might have to go back next week and buy one. are the lekvor pierogies.  Each one is about the size of my hand.