Tuesday, December 4, 2012

French Onion Dip Recipe

 Hi!  I am Teddy and I want to show you what my mama has been making.  She has been very busy.

 I am feeling neglected.  Don't I look neglected to you?

 Hey everyone!  Sorry I did not post yesterday.  I was in Ikea hell.  I was thrilled when I placed my order because it went so smoothly.  That was, until delivery occurred.  Good lord!  They sent a bunch of wrong parts with a delivery/installation service they contract with.  These guys let me know fast that Ikea's mistake was not their responsibility.  I was responsible for returning all of the mistakes and making everything right.  Oh, and, they are also not responsible for carrying away all of the boxes and Styrofoam that was now scattered all over the house.  But that's okay, because after 4 hours at Ikea and now knowing almost every employee on a first name basis, things seem to be resolved.  I won't know until Friday when the final installation is done.  Why do I feel like this is not going to go smoothly?

Anyway,  between Ikea issues I am cooking like crazy for my daughter's event.  Did you know that you can caramelize onions in a slow cooker?  It works perfectly!  I peeled 9 pounds of onions and then sliced them in my food processor.

 Put them in the slow cooker.

 Top them with some pats of butter and some sprigs of thyme. Cover and set the slow cooker on low and let them cook for 10-12 hours.

 Perfect caramelized onions.  You can freeze them to use later if you make a bunch at one time.

I mixed them into some cream cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise with salt and pepper for an excellent French onion dip for 150 people!