Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thinking About Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year.  The colors of Fall are almost gone and the starkness of the landscape makes me want to take long drives in the country.  Teddy likes to visit "the big puppies".  She almost lost it when she saw this one.

 I usually decorate for Thanksgiving but not this year.  I have a very busy December in front of me so I've decided that the sooner I get a jump on Christmas the better.

 In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I am starting on the front door.

 I am in the mood to do a fabulous front door this year so it should take me a few days to complete it.

 So, I will have to get my Thanksgiving fix from all of your blogs.

 And looking at some of my favorite Thanksgiving photos from over the years.

 And once in a while I will take a break and rock in my rocker.

 And watch a fire flicker in the fire pit.

 My turkeys will stay tucked away this year.

 No soup in the tureen.  I am making Thanksgiving dinner though.

 Hopefully next year will be less hectic.

 And the pilgims will come out once again.

This year I let the turkeys get me down.