Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feeding the Homeless

We have been hit by an arctic cold front. It was 15 degrees last night.  I had two large ham bones which I had saved in the freezer from my daughter's last event.  I pulled them out and made a huge pot of senate bean soup.

Nothing like a good hot bowl of soup on a cold winter's day.

I whipped up 6 large loaves of honey/buttermilk bread.

My house smelled so good!

I was able to make 15 quarts from the 2 bones.

I delivered it to the mission and they were very happy to receive it.  They raved about the food I dropped off to them the day before. I think their normal food is more like prison food.  I think more than the food, they appreciate someone caring about them enough to make homemade food. Now I am on a mission to find affordable food which I can make in large quantities and still maintain the quality.  I am hoping to cook for them twice a week.