Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Teddy Has a Boo Boo

My poor pup!  She has been holding her paw up like this for a month.  She has cracks on her pads on this foot. I have tried everything.  Creams, salves, sprays and now hydrogen peroxide.  She will not let us put her in the car anymore so we can't take her to the vet.  She won't let a stranger near her so no at home vet calls.  Nothing is easy with this one! I am pouring the hydrogen peroxide on it just to try to keep it from getting infected.  Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do?  I feel so bad for her.  She is one tough cookie so this has to really hurt her for her to hold her paw up.
 Yesterday was the start of garden cleanup.  I tackled the outdoor sink first.  It was a real mess.  Click to enlarge any photos.

 This countertop was made from the old bluestone pavers which were the original paths around my house.

 Once I had it cleaned I placed the clean shelves back in their spots.

 Then I tackled the potting table.  This old farm table is still pretty sturdy considering it has been outside all year long for 7 years now.

Teddy finds her spot in the shade under her umbrella.

What shade?
Awwww....poor limping puppy!

 A clean potting bench.

I am trying to not junk it up too much but I love decorating it with all kinds of favorite things.
Same for the sink area.  I am heading out to a garden center for the first trip of the season and hope to get some flowers to plant in this area.  This is where my dead maple sits and now I need to grow something to fill the area in.