Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy

One of the major reasons people have trouble with Thanksgiving Dinner is that there is a lot to do in a short amount of time and people are limited to 4 burners and one oven. Why not prepare as much in advance so you won't have too much to do on that day? Making turkey gravy in advance is simple and saves so much time. Plus, your house gets to smell like Thanksgiving more than once during November.

Buy a bunch of turkey wings and necks. I am making this for my daughter's event so I used a dozen of each. You could make a 4th of this recipe. Spry a casserole dish with cooking spray and place the turkey pieces along with some carrots and quartered onions in the pan and drizzle with olive oil. Bake them at 400 degrees for an hour or until the are golden brown.

Dump them in a heavy pot and scrape the pan out to get any browned bits.

Add some celery and cover with chicken stock.

Add a bunch of fresh herbs such as thyme, bay leaves, rosemary and sage.

Cook this at a simmer for several hours until the meat is falling off the bones. Strain out all of the solids and return the liquid to the pan. Mix 6 tablespoons of flour in a jar with a cup of water. Shake the jar until the flour and water forms a slurry. Drizzle this mix into the boiling liquid whisking as you go. Cook at a slight boil until it begins to thicken. If any lumps form, just strain the gravy back through the sieve again. taste it for flavor. add some salt and pepper. Add some fresh chopped parsley. I made 8 quarts of this and froze it. Defrost it a couple days before Thanksgiving.