Monday, September 22, 2014

River's Bend Farm

As we were tooling through the Ohio countryside on Saturday, we found the cutest place. We attempt to attend as many festivals as we can but we are always on the lookout for anything unique or special we can find.
This was just the cutest little farm.  Above you can see their herb shed.  You can purchase plants for your garden or dried herbs for your kitchen
These guys were very curious to meet us.  I really like their barn.                                                                                          
This shed houses antiques and they had a very nice selection for very good prices.  Basically everything you see is for sale.
You can see the horses in the background. They never took their eyes off of us.  I think they were hoping we brought treats.
These girls all gathered for a look too.                                                                                                                      
This is the main gift shop.  They were selling fresh produce and fruit which had just been picked.  The owner went into the hen house and gathered me a dozen warm eggs.
We loaded the car with all sorts of things but the most special purchase was the flat of just picked red raspberries.  What a treasure.

I came home and turned them into jam.  Everyone has been enjoying my yeast pumpkin bread toasted and served with this spread on top.