Friday, May 4, 2012

It's That Time of the Year

 The pool is open!

 New growth is everywhere.

 Why does it rain as soon as my Tree Peonies open?

 We finally got rain and everything is green and lush.

 The ferns and the hostas are opening.

 Lots of work to be done along this path.

 I am cleaning the potting bench and setting it up for summer.

 We had more frost damage this year than I can remember.  This is damage to the Hydrangeas.

 The entire top of my Norwegian maple is bare.  Is it frost damage or just my jerk of a neighbor?

 This is the cracked planter where the big red maple used to be.  I am going to plant it with flowers.

 And Mona...this one is for you!  That is a Fall Flowering Clematis growing against the house.  You will love it on your arbor.

The cistern is running, the lawn guys cut the grass today, the irrigation guy turned the system on and this afternoon the creek should be running.  We are having temps in the upper 80's today and it feels like summer has arrived.  Can I start counting down to Fall now?