Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Country Living Fair 2013

 It's that time of year again.

 Time for The Country Living Fair! We were up and on our way by 4:00 am.

 We had Early Bird tickets so were able to get in at 8:30.

 Not much of a crowd so early in the morning.  By the time we left it was packed and the lines were as far as you could see.

 It was a cool, breezy perfect Fall day.

 A chair where you could sit on some eggs.


 My favorite.

 The fair is wonderful but after 4 years, I am seeing mostly the same stuff.

 Grain scale coffee tables.

 I think we will take a few years off.

 Maybe by then the vendors will change.

 We will have to find something to take it's place.

 We still had lots of fun though.

 There was Halloween and Christmas booths all over the fair.

 The trailer girls were there again and this one is for sale.

 Some of the booths are really decked out.

 There were some really cute food trucks too.

I'll show you more tomorrow and show you what I bought.