Monday, March 12, 2012

Teddy is Feeling Better

Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes for Teddy. She is improving and hopefully we can put this all behind us. A strange chain of events led us to all of this. First she had the operation for entropion. Chows eyelids have a tendency to turn inward and then their lashes scratch their eyes. Teddy had been having eye discharge and the vet told us this was the problem. Immediately after her first surgery, she had more heavy discharge. We took her back to the vet and they said she needed more surgery. Huh? So, we had a second surgery done. She now has to have eye drops twice a day. The eye drops make her eyes wet and she develops bacterial infections around her eyes. So, she needs antibiotics to keep them at bay. The antibiotics killed off her good bacteria and she developed a raging fungal infection. Now she is taking anti-fungal meds. I am not sure how this will all turn out but it sure has been a long haul.

I was trying to get her to smile for the camera but she was not cooperating.

Come on Teddy, smile for the camera. Guess that is not happening! Then I thought of how to get her attention.

Just yell.....Bad Kitties!!!

Teddy springs into action.

She is a blur as she speeds by the camera!

Super puppy flies into action.

Teddy needs a cape.

I haven't showed any DIY projects for quite a while. I bought this table at a thrift shop for 5.00. A bit if sanding and a can of spray paint and..... becomes a nice little end table in the TV room.