Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Kitchenaide Mixer

 I've included some photos of my custom Kitchenaide mixer for those of you who didn't see it when I first posted it. 
But first, some Teddy photos. As you can see it poured the other day...not something that Teddy likes.

Normally she lays right between the pumpkins, they are her buddies.

She made sure she stayed back just far enough to not get her nose wet.

I bought my mixer last year and send it out to be customized.  Check out this site if you want to see the artists work:  She does some really fantastic pieces.

I gave her some specs and then she sent me some examples.

She did a wonderful job.

Well this is very random, an apple pie I made this morning for a friend of The Blog Tech.

So, here are some closeups.  Click to enlarge any of these for a closer look.

How would you customize your mixer?